Location Spotlight: ACME Meat Market


Acme has been a part of the Riverbend Gardens CSA from the start and we’re thrilled that they’re a pickup location for 2014. While many of you may already know that the folks at Acme Meat Market are awesome, we stopped by to ask Amanda and Corey a few questions, take some pictures of their work day and help you get to know them better.

Q. Tell us about yourself! A. We are a specialty butcher shop/meat market that specializes in fresh, custom cuts of locally sourced products. You can find us at the intersection of 96st & 76ave, just 6 blocks south of the Humpty’s on Whyte Ave. We’ve been here since 1986 and in business since 1921. Check out the hours on our website: www.acmemeatmarket.ca Q. Tell us something we don’t know about you or something we wouldn’t expect about you, your staff or your work. A. We support and showcase a number of like-minded local artisans at ACME. Some may be surprised to learn that we have a number of vegetarian customers that come to our shop our selection of vegan friendly products, such as Flour & Oats from Gold Forest Grain, Mushrooms from Untamed Feast, Pitas and Hummus from The Happy Camel and even Gourmet Monkey (peanut) Butter, all while occasionally purchasing meat for their carnivorous family members. Q. What do you offer that pairs best with CSA veggies and what is your favourite CSA veggie? A. Meat & potatoes. Enough said. My favourite must be the potatoes, fried in a little/a lot of duck fat…I’m in absolute heaven! Q. What led you to partner with Riverbend Gardens CSA? A. If I’m not mistaken, Janelle asked us and we said, Yes, yes, yes! Q. How many seasons have you partnered with Riverbend Gardens CSA? A. This will be our 3rd wonderful year working will Aaron and Janelle. Q. Why is it important to you to be a part of the Riverbend Gardens CSA? A. It’s important to me for my family to consume healthy, locally raised/produced products. I have two small children who are very aware of what they are eating and where it comes from. They are too young to know the economical and environmental benefits to supporting local businesses and agriculture but this is something we are teaching them and at the same time sharing this with our customers and their families.
Q. What’s the best part of the Riverbend Gardens CSA? A. Obviously Veggie Day! That and supporting an amazing, hard-working family, helping them to take over the city, feeding one family or couple at a time.
Follow ACME on twitter: @acmemeatmarket and @coreythebutcher

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