During May we are open 7 days a week, so come on out and visit the greenhouse!

Come meet the people growing our products and learn great tips and techniques about how to properly care for your garden. We have a wide variety of bedding plants, hanging baskets and planters. Learn the tips and tricks to keeping your hanging basket looking stellar all season long!

We also grow many varieties of tomato plants suitable for our Edmonton climate. While you won’t find tomatoes on our market tables or in the CSA, you can purchase plants for your own garden growing enjoyment at our greenhouse and our market stalls in the spring!


U Pick Saskatoons are available in the third week of July and have only a three-week season. Come out to the farm and pick your own!

$10 / 4L pail – bring your own pail. (Honour system.)


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Brussels Sprouts


Sweet Corn

U-Pick Saskatoons**

All timelines may vary due to weather. The above listed crops are our regular veggie offerings. We try new crops each season which may or may not be available for purchase at our market stalls or included in the CSA depending on their success and volume. In 2016 we’re trying out okra, garlic, artichoke and finally harvesting our first asparagus crop! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on our progress!

*Click on the veggie name to learn more about the veggie and it’s varieties!

**Berries from our U-Pick saskatoon orchard are not sold at Farmers’ Markets or included in the CSA.

MARKET ONLY crops will be available on our Farmers’ Market tables but not included in the CSA. These crops either reach their peak too early in the season (pre-CSA) or do not produce enough volume to be fairly distributed in each of the weekly CSA bounties. If weather conditions give us bumper crops or longer seasons for these veggies, there is always a chance you’ll find them included but they should not be expected to make an appearance.