Hanging Baskets


If you follow these tips you will have large hanging baskets in full bloom all summer long!!!

Buy the appropriate plants for the appropriate area in your yard. Do some research or please talk to one of our staff about light conditions. We are happy to help.

Fertilize with a 20-20-20 mixture for every watering. This will give your plants the nutrients they need to stay healthy and keep blooming all summer in their pots. The soil that they are contained in now does not have the nutrients needed for the plants to do well all summer.

Let the plants dry out between watering. The plants do better if they get a bit dry before a thorough watering than if they were to be moist all the time. The plants will take up the nutrients better this way. Please note: if it is very hot (30 degrees) you cannot over water and the plants will most likely need water daily.

Rain water is best. Tap water will do a good job, but if you have a rain barrel the plants prefer rain water.

If you go on holidays and there is no one to care for your plants. Put your pots in a container with a couple inches of water and set them in a shady cool place. This will hold them till you come back.