Riverbend Gardens tomatoes are selected especially for our Edmonton climate. They are bush tomatoes and can be planted in the ground or in a pot.


Tumbler – 48 days. Great for growing in pots. Determinate bushy plants and excellent for hanging baskets. Bright red sweet fruit.

Tumbling Tom Yellow – 50 days. Cascading type perfect for containers. Produces high yields, sweet flavor with 3 cm round yellow fruit.

Tiny Tim – 45 days. Standard dwarf cherry type. Used in pots or containers and window sill gardens.
Cherry Pink – 68 days. Low acid but very high in sugar flavour, developed for senior citizens. Medium sized rose-pink fruit.


Roma – 75 days. Egg size 3oz. with tender skins. Bushy type plants are loaded with 30-40 high crimson fruit. Great taste and excellent for cooking. Can be planted in pots. Determinate.

Lunch Box – 62 days Egg size fruit, skins tender, bushy type plants are loaded with crimson, high quality fruit.

Golden Rave – 74 days. Mini Roma-type tomatoes are golden yellow and have fantastic flavour. Just as meaty as a Roma, but with the sweet flavour of a grape tomato. Golden Rave is excellent for sauces and salsa. Vigorous plants produce very large yields. Matures in 65 days. Indeterminate.
New Girl 62 days Fruits avg. 4-6 oz. and are better tasting and more disease resistant than Early Girl.. Indeterminate.

Patio Hybrid – 50 days. Great for in the ground or in containers. Produces 4 oz red fruit. Bushy potato leaf foliage.


Bush Beefsteak – 62 days. Large 8 oz. in weight. Rich red with solid interiors. Indeterminate.

Sub Arctic Maxi – 48 days. Earliest large fruit, fresh market type for far north regions. Firm fruit. Compact determinate vines with good protective cover.

Celebrity – 70 days. Good for row crops. Large, 10oz, firm green shouldered fruit turn dark at maturity.
Ultra Girl – 62 days. Bright red fruit and very firm. 7-9 oz and no green shoulders. Semi determinate plant may be grown without steaks. Good tolerance to cracking.

Mixed Packs – Bush Beefsteak, Cherry Pink, and Roma.

Combo Packs – Ultra Girl, Lunch Box, and Sub Arctic Maxi

Determinate tomatoes bear their crop all at once, while indeterminate tomatoes bear fruit over the course of a season. Indeterminate varieties tend to grow longer vines and will require more support in terms of staking or caging over the course of a season. The key to successful tomato growing is choosing the right varieties for your climate.