Every vegetable that is passed from our hands to yours has been under our special care. From seed to customer, we are watching over your food.

We are not industrial; we’re not factory farmers; we’re a small-scale family farm. We are labour intensive and do all our own hand weeding, picking and packaging. We are committed to ecological and socially responsible farm practices. We are committed to searching for alternatives to the use of chemicals wherever possible.

Our farming practices involve using specific conventional treatments minimally and cautiously. Every year we work towards bettering the conditions of our soils by doing a variety of responsible things; growing cover crops, adding nitrogen, and composting. We take great care with our farming methods. Land stewardship is very important to us. For three generations (and we’re on to the fourth!), we’ve tilled the soil on this farm, producing healthy, local food for families in the Edmonton area. We believe the land is a gift we need to responsibly care for so that it may continue to provide us with healthy fresh food, now and in the future.

Why is Edmonton a great place to grow food?

Part of what makes us successful is our unique location. We are located in North East Edmonton’s River valley. We have access to market, customers in Edmonton, the river for irrigation and several unique soil qualities. We have two types of soil on our farm, one sandy loam great for our root crops, and another heavier type of soil perfect for our brassica crops. We have a unique microclimate in Northeast Edmonton that allows us to provide produce early in the season, and have later frost in the fall. This, combined with our northern climate’s long days, allows for us to have a long growing season.

At Riverbend Gardens not only are we maintaining natural resources and protecting the environment, we are also striving to improve relationships with our local communities. We are proud to be local and produce food for families in the Edmonton area with a minimal carbon imprint. We are committed to giving back to our community by providing educational spaces for City Farm, the Native healing centre, and Lady Flower Gardens. City Farm offered children and youth an opportunity to experience agriculture, incorporating adventure play, child and leadership development and rich experiential educational activities. The Native Healing Centre’s goal is to journey alongside the urban Aboriginal population reconnecting people to culture and ceremony.