Vegetable Nation!

We are not agriculturalists. We are not down on the farm. In fact over 80 per cent of Albertans live in urban centres concentrated in the urban Edmonton / Red Deer / Calgary corridor. We do all sorts of occupations other than farm work. We have left our agricultural heritage in the dust as we look to the future, and for the most part that’s good.
But we still have to eat. A growing number of people (and it’s becoming a chorus, not a voice in the wilderness) think it’s better for our health, our environment, and our economy if we eat more things grown closer to home.

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Avenue Magazine July 2013

It’s easy to understand Janelle and Aaron Herbert’s anxiety about the provincial highway and residential development planned for the area surrounding their northeast Edmonton property. The simple reason? It’s too pretty a place to contemplate losing.
When Hollywood calls for an idyllic setting, it looks like their 140-acre farm, located at the end of a gravel road lined with wild chokecherry and silver willow. A driveway curls down a hill overlooking furrowed fields and ends at a 100-year-old clapboard farmhouse, its door swinging with the whims of the couple’s three young children. For a backyard, there’s an old-growth forest of poplar and spruce stretching to the city limits, marked by the North Saskatchewan River, the farm’s water source.

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Edmonton Examiner March 2013

The chambers of city council were filled to the brim on Monday and Tuesday as concerned residents debated the proposed development of the mainly agricultural area of Horse Hill.
The Horse Hill Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a bylaw that will see much of the city’s farmland in the northeast developed into urban, residential land.
Ultimately the bylaw was pushed through by city council on Tuesday.

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Janelle on Alberta PrimeTime February 2013

Setting Aside Agricultural Land for Alberta’s Growing Cities Original Air Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Alberta’s population is rapidly growing and the debate over the Area Structure Plan of Edmonton’s northeast pits has some people asking if it’s feasible to set aside land within municipal boundaries for agricultural use? We talk to Debbie Hubbard, Local Food Group, Greater Edmonton Area and Janelle Herbert, from Riverbend Markets. Watch the show at

Don Iveson on Horse Hills NorthEast ASP Feb 2013

I had initially hoped this ASP would cerate some exciting opportunities to work with the cluster along 197 Avenue near the river to plan a neighbourhood and that integrated them. And even though there was significant public support for their protection and sustainability, the plan doesn’t protect them. At best it tolerates them. And because of the conceptual provincial road alignment, their long-term future is in doubt.

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Janelle at YEGCC

In late February 2013, the Edmonton City Council held a public hearing regarding the Horse Hills North East Area Structure Plan (ASP). As this ASP has direct and dangerous consequences for Riverbend Gardens, Janelle spoke to city council about preserving agricultural land in the North East and how this ASP would change life not only for Riverbend Gardens but for Edmonton’s local food scene. Her speech to Edmonton City Council is as follows:

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