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CSA: an environmental choice

Land stewardship is the responsibility of every farmer but small scale family farms have to take that stewardship very seriously: their livelihood, health and often their history is connected to the soil they work and understanding this connection is crucial for farmers who sell their produce directly to consumers.

When you participate in a CSA, you are not only reducing the distance your food travels to your table and in turn its carbon footprint (the average north american meal travels an estimated 1200km to get to your plate), you’re also making a choice for environmental conservation and stewardship. When you choose food grown closer to you, you are also ensuring the success of farmland and green space continuing in our community.

At Riverbend Gardens, we’re not certified organic, but we are transparent about how we farm and our comittment to sustainable agriculture. This means we seek to grow and harvest veggies in ways that are both ecological and economically sustainable. There are a lot of factors involved in the way we approach the health of our crops, our soil and our customers but we focus on veggies that are superior quality in terms of taste and nutrition. We seek to work in harmony with the natural environment we farm within and care deeply about the people who are connected to our food. We want to provide healthy food, care for healthy land and improve the health of our staff, customers and ourselves in the scope of long-term viability.

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