From: CSA

CSA Field Report 2014 Vol. 1


With the exception of yesterday’s snow, we’re delighted with all the warm, beautiful weather we’ve been having this month! It means it’s much easier to keep the greenhouses at a steady temperature and it allows us to depend less on our furnaces. We love when the weather helps us cut down on our energy usage.

Veggie Update

The greenhouse is full of beautiful bedding plants and we’ve been busy transplanting them into planters, hangers and six-packs and making them bloom. It looks like it’s going to be a very colourful spring!

Farm News

For the past 5 years Riverbend Gardens has been part of a government agricultural initiative that connects Canadians and Mexicans. We’re thrilled to welcome Ramiro, Alonso, Marcellino and Wilbert to the farm. Ramiro, Alonso and Marcellino have all worked with us for many years now and though “spring” is not their favourite season, we’re so happy to see our favourite spanish speakers back on the farm! In this issue: planting in the greenhouse, meet Aaron and love for Acme Meat Market. Check out the whole newsletter here.