From: CSA

CSA Field Report 2014 Vol. 3


Believe it or not, there is almost no snow left on the ground here and we’re feeling the itch to get back in the fields! With the warmer weather predicted after Easter we should see all the moisture melt deep into the ground and prep the soil for the coming seeds and plants!

Veggie Update

We’re seeing the veggies in the greenhouses growing by leaps and bounds every day. It’s a 24/7 job to keep them warm and watered and to make sure they’re not mistaken for a snack by friendly mice and gophers. This week we also picked up seven thousand pounds of seed potatoes. (Yep, you read that right… 7000lbs) We’re planting a dozen varieties of potato this year and can’t wait to hear which is your favourite!

Farm News

Yesterday we set our crew to work cleaning up the garbage on 195 ave. We’re proud of farming within city limits and want to keep our streets clean. Also, after getting advice from our friends and neighbours at Arrowhead Nurseries we pruned our saskatoons too! This will help them produce more fruit and make them easier to pick as well. In this issue: pussy willows, meet Krystal and love for Prairie Mill. See the whole newsletter here.