From: CSA

CSA Field Report 2014 Vol. 5


Slowly but surely this warm weather is coaxing sprouts from the ground. We’re seeing the first plantings of spinach, radish, swiss chard, green onion, dill, peas, carrots and beets already breaking the surface of the soil and opening their beautiful little leaves to the sun. This week we’re rolling out the irrigation pipe systems to bring water to these little guys and make sure they keep growing big and strong.

Veggie Update

The big news on the farm right now is our greenhouses. NOW is the time to plant your gardens and we’ve got you covered. All kinds of flowers are flourishing in the greenhouses and our herbs and tomato varieties are doing exceptionally well this year. So well in fact that we have to trim them every couple of days. While we’re not complaining about all the great fresh herb recipes we’ve been enjoying, we think you should pick up some of your own and get in on the fresh herb action.

Farm News

Recently Krystal has become our resident apiarist. The bees arrived last Monday and are settling into their new home on the edge of our lower fields. We’re excited to have such great pollinators so close to home. The arrival of May, means the outdoor Farmers’ Markets begin to open up! This week we have already been to Beverly Farmers’ Market as well as South West Farmers’ Market. City Market Downtown will take to the streets this Saturday and Old Strathcona Market is open all long weekend where we’ll be selling all the bedding flowers, hanging baskets, planters, herbs and tomato varieties you need. Come by on the long weekend Sunday & Monday 10am-3pm and say hello to Courtney! Neil MacAlpine (formerly of Alberta Agriculture, currently with Foothills Research Institute) wrote a great post about us and the future potential of urban agriculture in Edmonton this week. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s well worth your time. You can find it here. In this issue: bees, meet Bri and why we love Get Cooking! Check out the full newsletter here