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CSA 2013 Vol 8

Gettin’ in a CSA Groove

We at Riverbend Gardens hope that you’re in a veggie groove by now!  In our 7th week of CSA delivery, we hope it has become part of your every-day to stop at one of our five fabulous local partners for fresh prime produce!  We hope you are used to the goodness of farm-grown veggies and the taste that can’t be beat!  We hope you are used to looking up new recipes to use with the less-common veggies and that they are becoming part of your every-day palate!  We hope that supporting local food is something that you do with as much pride as we have in growing local good!  Our veggies belong in the hands and homes of great people like our CSA subscribers and we hope you are enjoying them!

What’s in the Bag?

Family Size:
  • large bag carrots
  • big bag o’ beans
  • Swiss chard
  • leek
  • cauliflower – surprise colour
  • loose cucumbers
Couples Size:
  • small bag carrots
  • small bag o’ beans
  • Swiss chard
  • leek
  • cauliflower – surprise colour
  • loose cucumbers
Yep.  The items in the bag are the same but the portion sizes will be adjusted! 

Time to Get Corny!

Just a reminder that the Zoo Corn Sale is on like donkey kong this coming Saturday August 24th and again August 31st.  You will get corn in your CSA bags, don’t worry, but this sale specially supports Hope Missions Youth Shelter and Edmonton & Area Land Trust.  The more corn, the merrier, so head out and enjoy a day at the zoo and get your corn too!

Local Partner Recap

Riverbend Gardens may not “operate” all year long, but our local partners DO!  Each brings valuable products to local consumers and each supports the local food economy – we think that’s pretty awesome and we hope that you will support all of our partners all year long.  Here they are:
  1. Prairie Mill Bread Company – bread is only the beginning.  There are specialty loaves, cookies, muffins and cinnamon buns the size of your head.
  2. ACME Meat Market – these folks are award winning local meat-guys.  They call their kids “mini-meats” and friends “meat-mates.”  You need some bacon for your Potato-Leek Pizza and this is where you should get it.
  3. Care It Urban Deli – make your meals into a casual-chic picnic by picking up some other goodies to go along with your CSA bags!   Serve a tray of our raw carrots alongside something special made from Careit!
  4. Dutch Treats & Farm-Fresh Meats – If you’re Dutch, you know you need to go here.  If you’re not Dutch, you better go see what you’re missing!  Gouda, eggs, meat…  You’ll probably grow a few inches and start speaking with an accent as soon as you step foot in the store.
  5. The Pan Tree – Sherwood Park is lucky to have such an awesome place to get kitchen-EVERYTHING and learn how to cook while you’re there.  Gift baskets, classes with tastings, and highest quality kitchen wares make Pan Tree every foodie’s dream come true!
Partners, we couldn’t do CSA without YOU!  THANK YOU!

Customer Spotlight Coming Soon!

We are so looking forward to sharing our CSA subscriber stories!  Please email Janelle if you would like to be featured!  Fame can be hard to handle, but we have faith in you!