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Giving and Receiving

We love sharing our favourite local businesses with you and this holiday season is no exception.

This month, we’ll be giving away gift cards to some of our favourite local businesses: ACME Meat Market, Prairie Mill Bread Co, The Pan Tree and Get Cooking. On December 19th, we’ll do a draw and award one lucky winner gift cards to all four businesses! (worth $115)

In order to be a part of this, all you have to do is one of the following:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Tell us in a comment below who you think would love a gift certificate to the 2015 Riverbend Gardens CSA for Christmas and why.
As an added bonus, the next 4 people to purchase at least $150 of gift certificates for the 2015 CSA will get a gift card to one of our favourite places in town.
Available gift cards are:
$30 ACME Meat Market / $30 The Pan Tree / $25 Prairie Mill Bread Co. / $30 Get Cooking

30 responses to Giving and Receiving

  1. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    A gift card is a good way to try out the program. She can go low-commitment and sign up for a single week, or put the gift card toward several weeks/full season. Good luck!

  2. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    We saw your posts on instagram, it looks like you KILLED it in the cooking department. Thanks Lydia : )

  3. Diane

    My mom would love a RBG gift card – I think she could get into the idea of a CSA once she understands how well it can work. :)

  4. Danielle

    Would love to share this gift with my best friend. She signed up for the garden produce after we told her how much we enjoyed it

  5. Lydia

    Anyone who cooks meals at home would appreciate a gift of Riverbend! This past season was my first and I loved it. It shook up my cooking! Can’t wait for next year.

  6. Chelsea

    would love to give this to my mom who does your CSA every year :)

  7. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    Love to hear it! It’s so valuable to walk into a shop and to trust, and to consider the owners as friends. And really, who can’t be friends with Acme.

  8. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    Oh no! So sorry to hear that. We try and avoid disaster by keeping things simple, the food incredibly fresh, and making sure our program is the right fit for you. You guys should come out to our farm in the spring so you can know exactly what you’re getting into.

  9. Michelle Young

    I would love any gift certificate. My family and I are huge supporters of local. My husband owns a business so I understand the importance of supporting you guys. Plus you guys have heart. Acme too

  10. Erin

    I would love to gift this to my friend Melissa. We mistakenly went with a different CSA box last year (as we did not know of riverbed gardens) and it was a complete disaster. Id love to restore her faith in our community gardens :)

  11. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    Congratulations Erin what an exciting new year for you!

  12. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    Ah that’s sad to hear. We wish everyone had the time and soil to grow their own food. In the meantime, we’re here to help!

  13. Erin

    I would Lovelovelove a gift card! I am expecting my first babe in 3 weeks & don’t get maternity leave & will be doing my best as a single mom to make ends meet – it would be amazing to have a little help like this!

  14. Karen

    Who wouldn’t want to win a RBG G/C? Nothing quite compares to farm-fresh veggies, especially knowing how much love and effort goes into each and every vegetable grown at the farm! A CSA is the best way to support a local farm!

  15. Debbie

    I have a coworker who would love a CSA subscription. She loves local veggies and does not have the time to garden herself.

  16. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    Oh awesome. Next time she puts together a killer recipe tell her to send it in, we’ll feature it on the blog!

  17. Diana

    My friend Danielle would love a gift card. She’s always excited to come home create new recipes based on items she’s found at the local markets.

  18. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    Thanks for sharing! Mary sounds like our kinda gal.

  19. Riverbend Gardens Post Author

    That’s really great. Edmonton has incredible local businesses, especially in the food industry. Amazing the good that these people are doing every single day.

  20. Dee Downing

    My daughter would love a gift card because she tries to support local whenever possible

  21. Meghan

    My friend Chantel would love the CSA gift for Christmas because she loved it when I gave her some of mine when I was going to be gone, and since she cooks for her brother and roommates all the time she could certainly use it all the tasty fresh local produce! I know I sure enjoyed it!

  22. Tamara

    My co-worker, Mary, would love to have a gift certificate because she enjoys fresh produce.

  23. Patrick

    My wife would LOVE a Riverbend Gardens CSA gift certificate for Christmas because fresh RBG carrots are her favourite.

  24. Jen

    my kids would love the acme gift card. It is one of his favourite places to visit with me on a Saturday morning. So much meaty goodness for a 10 year old!

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