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Riverbend Gardens CSA is now available!

Last year our delivery program was a huge success! SO back by popular demand we are now offering our 2013 CSA. This year is even better, more pick up locations, and more options! Thanks to all of you who enjoyed our program last year and we hope you decide to show your support for your local farmer again! PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE NOW FOR MORE DETAILS!   ** Horse Hill Area Structure Plan. ———————————————————— Recently the City of Edmonton Approved the Horse Hill Area Structure Plan for development. We have been working hard the last 4 years to show the City that saving some land for growing food would be valuable for all the citizens of Edmonton. Thanks to all who have supported us along the way! We believe the land we grow food food on in Edmonton is some of the BEST for several reasons including soil quality, access to water, access to market, and first to market because of our micro climate. We have been growing food for the local market here for decades and want to see that continue. The outcome of the HHASP is devastating. The plan split out lands into 3 neighborhoods and put a heavy haul highway on top of our family farm. This has left us with many questions and uncertainties. One thing we know for sure is we will continue to grow food for as long as possible and our “fight” is not over, we still have hope and believe things could change with a new council and lots of citizen support. :) Here are links to some of the coverage: ….and great work by Janelle and Debbie on Prime Time. Compass Update ReleasedA version update for our popular Compass project management software has been released. Staging and guiding your project from inception to completion is now even easier than before with updated time tracking, team roster creation, and version control toolsets. ** Welcome to the team! Pan Tree Kitchen from Sherwood Park, and Dutch Treats and Farm Fresh Meats! ———————————————————— We are so happy to have new additions to our wonderful team! We are always looking for great partners and we found some great ones for 2013! Thank you Acme Meat Market, Careit Urban Deli, and Prairie Mill bread for being such great supports, and coming on board for another great season! Read more about their local businesses here!