It is important when speaking to your elected official that you speak about how a decision may affect you personally. We encourage you to share with your MLA, Councillor or the project manager why you care about the land in question.


If you want to have some specific Riverbend Gardens stats at your disposal, we’ve collected a few below.

  • Together with neighbouring farms (Norbest and Horse Hill Berry Farm) approximately 300 acres of prime farm land within Edmonton city limits could be preserved. This land has the potential, depending on crop variety, of producing 60,000lbs of food per acre each year for the local community.
  • RBG attends six area Farmers’ Markets, runs a weekly CSA veggie delivery that serves 600+ Edmonton families and is a regularly contributor to organizations like the Edmonton Food Bank.
  • The combination of a financial viable farm within city limits that has direct irrigation from the river, a rich sandy loam soil perfect for growing vegetables and access to local markets is very unique and impossible to recreate anywhere else in the capital region.
  • RBG fulfills many of the objectives and goals of FRESH: Edmonton’s Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy.
  • RBG contributes to creating a stronger, more vibrant local economy through local job creation and industry diversity
  • RBG an essential player in creating a more food secure community by growing a wide diversity of crops within city limits which allow consumers easy access to food.