From: CSA

What’s so special about NEW potatoes?!

If all this hype about new potatoes leaves you confused, you’re not alone. We’re here to answer all your burning potato questions.

Q. Aren’t new potatoes just the same thing as little or baby potatoes?

A. NO! This is a common misconception. Baby potatoes are simply small size potatoes. New potatoes are FRESH potatoes. They are “new” because they have not yet developed a skin set. They’re like peeled apples, very tender, very delicate and very tasty.

Q. So, do I have to do anything special with these new potatoes to take care of them?

A. Yes! Because new potatoes have no skin, they’re very fragile and can turn brown quickly. Always keep new potatoes in a crisper in your fridge because they will spoil easily in warmth and sunlight. Beware that if you drop a new potato more than 6 inches it may burst because of their extremely high moisture content.

Q. What’s the best way to cook my new potatoes?

A. New potatoes are not good for roasting or intense methods of cooking. They will absolutely melt in your mouth and so the best way to cook them is to gently boil or steam them. Add a little butter, a little fresh dill or salt & pepper and you’ll be in heaven!

Q. Can I get new potatoes all CSA season long?

A. Nope! New potatoes are only availalbe in July for about 3 weeks. After that the potatoes have grown enough to develop a skin set. Don’t worry, our potato varieties will still knock your socks off all season long, but nothing is quite like new potatoes.